Filomena Campus (CSSD) - 2020-21 Students

Liberate Rame: An archival and practice-based revival of the creative and political labour of the actress, theatre maker, and activist Franca Rame (1929-2013)

CDA in collaboration with Royal Central School of Speech and Drama and State Archive/ MusALab Franca Rame Dario Fo

This practice-based project redresses the balance by reassessing Rame’s multi-faceted career as an intersecting set of feminist practices, engaging critically almost sixty years of Italian History, culture and politics and with the lived experiences of a woman working within and against systems of patriarchy. Drawing on MusALAB National Archive of Rame and Fo’s work in Verona and Royal Central School of Speech and Drama’s unique academic position, the project will develop an account of Rame’s work as a performer, writer, theatre practitioner, and activist. The significance of this project cannot be underestimated for histories of European theatre that remain dominated by male playwrights and directors and for Anglophone scholarship, within which Rame is hardly mentioned, and which currently risks becoming isolated from continental Europe by Brexit.

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