Lydia Frances Ballam (RCM) - 2022-23 Students

Dyslexia in conservatoire: tertiary-level music students’ educational, social, health, and wellbeing experiences

Professional western classical music training, for most, is conservatoire-based. Students’ performance skills, career aspirations, and occupational understandings evolve through institutional guidance, personal, and peer development. Educational experiences are often different, negatively, for those with dyslexia, a recognised learning difference. Existing studies examining dyslexia and music connections are limited, covering remedial interventions, non-specialist tuition, and dyslexic musicians’ experience-based advice. Dyslexia in conservatoire is understudied: its unconsidered influences on students’ health, wellbeing, performance, and careers, risk disadvantage and discrimination. This research will investigate dyslexia’s impact on conservatoire students’ musical and academic experiences. It will consider potential implications for enhanced, inclusive practice.

Primary supervisor: Dr Tania Lisboa, RCM
Secondary supervisor: Prof. Aaron Williamon, RCM

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