Murray Andrews (UCL) - 2014-15 Students

Coin hoards and society in medieval England and Wales, c. 973-1544 AD

Almost 750 hoards of medieval coins and treasure have been discovered in England and Wales since the 17th century. But who composed these hoards, what did they put in them, where did they bury them and why did they do it? This project aims to provide an archaeological and numismatic analysis of coin hoards deposited in England and Wales between c.973 and 1544 AD, integrating the evidence of the monetary and non-monetary contents, containers, depositional and landscape contexts to interpret and understand the complex and varied acts of individual and group agency leading to hoard formation and deposition. The project is supervised by Drs Kris Lockyear (UCL), Martin Allen (Fitzwilliam Museum, Cambridge), Andrew Gardner (UCL) and Prof Andrew Reynolds (UCL).

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