Sayan Sinha (UCL) - 2022-23 Students

Comparative Analysis of Growth and Development in Non-Adult Populations from the Deccan Chalcolithic and Harappan Periods in India

The Late Harappan period (1900-1300 BCE) of the Indian subcontinent saw a rapid decline in civic standards as compared to the preceding Mature period, possibly owing to economic and climatic factors. My research aims to understand the impact of the socio-economic transition between the Mature and Late Harappan phases through a bioarchaeological study of children and child health. The developing child skeleton is particularly sensitive to malnourishment, disease, and trauma, which can occur at times of sudden economic and/or social change. This field of Indian archaeology remains underexplored, and yet my project will resonate with many issues facing India today including poverty, disease, and the climate emergency.

Primary supervisor: Dr Katie A. Hemer, UCL
Secondary supervisor: Dr Rhiannon Stevens, UCL

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