Sohaila Baluch (RCA) - 2022-23 Students

Thinking Difference: a reimagination of British South Asian identity through re-enactments of second-wave feminist activist practices

This practice-led research deliberately utilizes fibre art processes to establish the significance of British South Asian contribution in shaping British history. Research reconceptualizes the agency of fibres and textiles by subverting their active role in colonial activities to translate embodied experiences of racial trauma. Building upon second-wave feminist practices research reorientates iterative processes linked to these mediums to fuse diverse materials with disruptive, repeated actions to challenge colonial legacies. Crucial objectives include exposing the iterative nature of racial bias, articulating the progressive build-up of racial trauma and ramifications of everyday racism, and differencing on identity in this marginalised community.

Primary supervisor: Dr Catherine Dormor, RCA
Secondary supervisor: Dr Meg Rahaim, RCA

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