‘Capital Forms’ project – 2020/21 (various dates) (Previous Staff-Led Events)

Capital Forms is an interdisciplinary Economic Humanities training project based on two linked activities:

1) The regular CAPITAL FORMS Reading Group will consist of guided reading and discussion sessions held on the first Tuesday in every month in a slot likely to attract maximum participation. The sessions will feature a number of academic speakers leading discussion on a range of economic themes, likely to include debt, financialization, labour, and logistics. These sessions will provide effective strategies on managing projects that crossover into the discipline of economics and political economy and will outline through guided reading and discussion a range of critical methodologies available to students. We plan to set up a shared online database of useful material for non-economists, which can be accessed by present and future LAHP participants. The sessions will provide the space for PhD students to reflect on the economic challenges that are facing academia today and consider how they might build in resistance to this in their own research. 

2) A summative CAPITAL FORMS one-day Symposium for PhD students from across the eight constituent institutions hosted by colleagues from the School of Languages, 

Linguistics and Film (SLLF), and from the School of English and Drama (SED). The Symposium will be divided into several sections: 1) Sessions featuring artists and filmmakers working on economic-related themes, who examine alternative economic systems in their work, such as Bank Job (London), Femke Herregraven (Amsterdam) Zachary Formwalt (Amsterdam). 2) PhD researchers will present work-in-progress and flag up their own research journeys and challenges faced. 3) Academics such as Alasdair King and Max Haiven (Thunder Bay) will facilitate round-table discussion on the most effective ways to produce interdisciplinary research across economics and the arts, concluding with networking opportunities.

*Details for the 2020/21 events will be published in due course

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