Applications for funding must be submitted to the LAHP office on  by the following deadlines:

23 November 2020

15 February 2021

7 June 2021


Please note that applications for activities taking place during the unfunded writing up year (CRS) cannot be accepted, even if submitted prior to your funding end date.

Successful applicants will need to complete an expense claims form. To access the guidelines to complete this form please click here.

Payment of expenses claims: once you submit your expenses claim for the funding awarded with all the relevant receipts to LAHP, your claim will be checked and then sent to UCL Accounts Payable for payment. Please note that payment can take up to one month to be processed. For the full expenses policy, please click here

Successful applicants will be required to submit a brief report when submitting the expenses claim for the Research Support Fund, the Research Extension and Placements Fund and the LAHP Impact, Engagement & Entrepreneurship Fund. Please refer to the relevant Guidelines for further details.

LAHP Research Support Fund (for awards up to £3000)

This fund supports LAHP AHRC-funded students engaging in activities related to their primary research. This covers:

  • Helping to meet expenses for UK or overseas study visits to archives, libraries, museums, or to carry out other fieldwork, as part of primary research; 
  • Supporting students attending or presenting their research at conferences in the UK or overseas. 
  • Funding specialist training needs in the exceptional cases where these cannot be met from within the LAHP partnership and where they are necessary for the successful completion of the doctoral project. 

The guidelines for eligible costs have been extended to include the purchase of essential books and materials (eg art materials) that you have been unable to access in libraries, online or elsewhere during the Covid-19 pandemic. Books bought under this scheme should be treated as if they are library books, and will remain the property of LAHP, to be given back to LAHP once you are awarded your PhD. Applications can only be made for books not available online via your HEI, the Senate House Library or via the Public Books database of open access books from a wide range of university presses –

Students can apply for additional materials (eg art materials) that they have been unable to access elsewhere and that are essential for their research. You will need to demonstrate in your application that these books and/or other materials are essential for your research, and that you have had no other means but to buy them yourself in order to proceed with your research.

LAHP will normally fund a maximum total of £3,000 for any ony LAHP student during their studentship.

To apply for funding, please read the following guidelines carefully and complete the application form:

LAHP Research Support Fund Guidelines

LAHP Research Support Fund Application Form

LAHP Language Fund

This fund supports LAHP AHRC-funded students by providing them with opportunities to undertake language training, whether as essential research-related language acquisition or as skills enhancing the employability of students. This includes both modern languages and ancient languages that are not part of the LAHP language training programme. 

LAHP assumes that normally individual language funding applications will not exceed £350. 

To apply for funding, please read the following guidelines carefully and complete the application form:

LAHP Language Fund Guidelines 

LAHP Language Fund Application Form

LAHP Research Extension Fund

This fund extends funding by up to six months for those AHRC students who:  

  • Need to undertake substantive specialist skills training;
  • Undertake long-term fieldwork or spend long periods away with an international or external partner as an integral part of their doctoral project or as opportunity to generate further impact from their research.
  • Require additional research time due to disrupted access to archives, fieldsites or equivalent (for students who have completed the first year of their PhD before 2020/21). 

 A LAHP research extension is a period of up to six months in which a student may take time out of his or her normal programme of research (year 2 or year 3) in order to engage in activity, collaborative in a wide sense, with a national or international body which:

  • will enhance the impact of the research, or the international standing of the HEI and LAHP;
  • will have the effect of bridging a divide between academic research and the non-academic community (cultural bodies, industry, politics, policy, NGOs and so on);
  • establish a professional relationship beneficial to a student’s research and career prospects.

 Any fieldwork involved must be carried out within the framework of such a relationship. The research extension cannot be used for fieldwork which is a regular and expected part of a doctoral research project.

The Research Extension and Placement Fund cannot be used to extend the writing up period. The submission deadline remains the same for all students.

To apply for funding, please read the following guidelines carefully and complete the application form:

LAHP Research Extension Fund Guidelines

LAHP Research Extension Fund Application Form  

LAHP Impact, Engagement & Entrepreneurship Fund

This fund offers current second and third year LAHP funded students the opportunity:  

  • to develop and evaluate the impact of their research; 
  • to develop their engagement with community and other public audiences and partners;  
  • to fund small ‘start-up’ grants to develop a research-related idea into a saleable product and/or to develop a digital project from their research.  
  • to develop and implement their own innovative approaches and schemes, which if successful, will be added to our portfolio of future cohort-development activities made available to the cohort as a whole. 

Non-HEI partners working with LAHP can also apply for funding under this scheme to assist with cohort building or other development activities for LAHP students.

Students can apply for a maximum of £600 from this fund in Year 2 or 3 of their programme. 

To apply for funding, please read the following guidelines carefully and complete the application form:

LAHP Impact, Engagement & Entrepreneurship Fund Guidelines

LAHP Impact, Engagement & Entrepreneurship Fund Application Form